French Society of Psychotherapeutic Relaxation

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Association Law 1901





Relaxation proceeds from a group of therapeutic techniques which aim to relax the muscles and mind. We believe that psychotherapeutic relaxation is distinct from techniques of rest treatment, massage. & gymnastics (which are often exploited for promotional/commercial ends . )

We define relaxation as a corporeal mediation psychotherapy, centred on a research that has a somatic starting point. The objectives of psychotherapeutic relaxation are :

muscular and psychic relaxation

the personal blossoming of the subject.



The process of profound change in the subject's affective & emotional life involves mobilizing the imaginary, and working on the somato-psychic experience and psychic productions - induced by muscular and psychic release .


Psychotherapeutic relaxation is represented by a number of techniques. which have three important point s in common:








The French Society of Psychotherapeutic Relaxation S.F.R.P. has been created in order to :

- on the one hand, promote in France and abroad relaxation as a psychotherapy a make it known to general practitioners, specialists, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychomotricians.

- on the other hand, to gather as widely as possible, without school labels, all the psychotherapists that practice relaxation.









There are two ways to become a member a the S.F.R.P. :